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Acclinate integrates culture and technology to achieve more inclusive clinical research. We help pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and healthcare organizations access and engage communities of color so their research efforts are more inclusive and reflect the populations they serve.
Share your workouts from Apple Health and supported services through beautiful and unique story templates. Track your distance goals and earn collectible achievement medals on your journey.
BreachRx is a SaaS platform that streamlines and automates your privacy incident readiness & response processes. Reduce risk and stay agile by continuously assessing the impact of constantly shifting contractual and regulatory requirements and maintain dynamic and automated response plans so incidents stay routine instead of escalating into a crisis.
Con.doit is cloud-based software standardizing the collection, storage, analysis, monitoring, and prediction of existing electrical systems. Currently in development, the first phase of this software guides a technician through the detailed collection of electrical system data, validates that data for accuracy, and performs required safety analyses. The second phase includes the installation of IOT monitoring devices in electrical equipment and eventual AI failure prediction implementation.
ConConnect is a networking platform geared at advancing the formerly incarcerated through modernizing the way they access services, resources and are viewed by fair chance employers. We do this through a Linkedin-style platform where our FI users can build a candidate profile that showcases who they are and what they need, while our connection profiles are built by nonprofits, reentry, and employers. In the end, being a reentry powerhouse and 1-stop-shop for services, but also offering software tools to assist organizations in day-to-day operations. And giving employers a platform to be engaged and learn who their audience is prior to hiring.
Grubbly Farms develops healthy and sustainable pet food using farm-grown black soldier fly grubs. It was formed to combat the continuously rising cost of livestock feed by developing a sustainable source of protein. The increasing price of feed, which is the single largest expense of raising livestock, is causing undue hardships for farms of all sizes and running many farmers out of business.
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Harpie is a crypto recovery solution that prevents wallet key loss and offers succession planning for crypto tokens. It provides simple and secure backup and recovery solutions for wallets on multiple blockchains. Harpie’s mission is to provide crypto users peace of mind by removing the stress of securing crypto wallets.
89% of consumers say that a car maintenance service that picks up and drops off their car from any place at any time is appealing and 67% say that they would switch to a brand that offers concierge pick up and delivery. Our clients more easily attract and retain great clients while consistently increasing their RO size by 40% or more. Social Auto Transport provides an elegant, turnkey solution that automates the way you move cars for your customers - with total transparency for your clients and limited liability for your organization.
For operators of small or large constellations of satellites who need to have a complete situational awareness of their fleet with utmost reliability, Kayhan provides a fully scalable cloud-based collision avoidance service. Unlike other services, Kayhan’s notification system easily integrates with any form of notification channel and ensures that the operators are aware of the upcoming high-interest events. Kayhan uses complex mathematical algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques to aid operators to make the safest avoidance decisions, because at Kayhan we understand that a safe space domain is the best space to operate in.
Motivo is a virtual clinical supervision platform for behavioral health employers. We help aspiring therapists, social workers, behavior analysts, and psychologists complete and maintain their licensure through virtual clinical supervision and continuing education.
mudstack is the only unified asset management platform custom built for game studios.. We help game studios and art teams manage, collaborate, and ship art assets and pipelines better, faster, and with confidence.
Onwards HR is a data-driven risk mitigation platform that simplifies separations in compliance with corporate policy and employment laws. Our solution helps employers mitigate risk, reduce costs, and achieve equity.